Friday, 5 August 2011

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

MK Green Aitken Pivotal

Some things just look right. Case in point. This Mike Aitken signature pivotal seat. The body comes in Odyssey's MK Green colourway, the cover in black.

The Birdcage

GSport dropped a hammer with these new rims. At 408 grams with is our lightest rim and you get GSport's legendary quality control, so you know they're gonna last.


These are the last items in the Pomegranate kit. The Classic Race Fork CS2, Chase Hawk sprocket, Hazard Lite rims, and GY3 (Gary Young's signature bars). Hot for Summer.


The new product is still arriving thick and fast;
  • We have Bluwave and FX Green Morning 2 forks to match the current frame and bar colour ways.
  • Same deal with the new seatclamps. These also come in Orange Soda to match the Funday frames.
  • Triumph bars are now 8.5" rise and have been re-named the Triumph XL.
  • 24umph bars are now available to match the Wave C frames or as upgrage for your Model C complete.
Remember all aftermarket frames, forks, and bars from Sunday carry a lifetime warranty.

Monday, 13 June 2011

New KP Footage

Click here for more KP - especially if you're interested in coffee.

Proper in Paris

Mirraco's Clay Johnson

Friday, 10 June 2011

Odyssey Spares

Seems like riders have all sorts of considerations when it comes to what parts they buy; Price, availability, strengh, what the pros ride, recommendations, even colours. One thing we rarely here mentioned is availability of spare parts. Thankfully we have that covered as well.


More from the Odyssey Pommegrante Kit. The affordable Quadrant rims, the awesome headset, the ubiqutous V3 casessete hub, and the classic CFL stem.

Sunday now offer their bars in FX Green and Bluewave to match the frames. Pictured here are the blue Tall T bars and FX Green Triumph XL's. Yep, Triumphs XL's are bigger with 8.5" of rise.

GSport Birdcages are the new rim. Featuring a narrower profile, more erogonomic profile and lighter weight than previous GSport rims but all the quality you've come to expect. Above is the Ratchet hub in limited Army Green.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sundy Catty Scout Edit

The guys at Catty Woods and Sunday joined forces for this edit to mark the last Sunday Bonus bike for this year.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunday Bikes in Rotherham

Fosters have been killing it with their Watermelon Aaron Ross bikes. This is the last one of four after only a couple of days. Be quick if you're looking for any of the Bonus bikes.

Catty Wood Bonus Bike Extra

See above for a flip book featuring the Catty Woods Scout Bonus bike from Sunday.

You can read all about the trail scene that spawned this bike here......similar stories exist all over the UK, so it should make for some interesting reading......and hopefully explain a little of while builders and locals have to have to have rules.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Harry Main Edit

Oh my. Harry Main throwing the b's where it's not possible and the boost button firmly pressed.

24 inch


This week

So much new stuff this week we're going to have to resort to a list for the timebeing;
  • Proper Front hub guards (for V2 female hubs)
  • GSport Birdcage rims (Black, chrome, blue, red, or army green)
  • New butted Odyssey Dirt forks
  • Sunday Morning 2 forks (in new Blue Wave, or FX Green)
  • Sunday Yell Grips (in FX Green)
  • Sunday TR4 bars (of Plus4 series)
  • GSport Ratchets (in Army Green)
  • More from the Odyssey Pomegranate kit (headsets, hubs, Quadrant rims, Hawk sprockets, Race forks, CFL stems etc)
  • Sunday Triumph XL bars (8.5" rise in numerous colours)
  • Sunday seat clamps (in Blue Wave and FX Green)
  • Odyssey Aitken pivotal seats (in Ltd Matte Kelly Green)
We also have re-stocks of the following items which any self respecting BMX store should carry (plus loads of other re-stocks);
  • Twombolts clusters
  • Elementry gyro wedges
  • Twombolts (most notably the 175mm RHD ones in black)
  • Black Chase Hawk grips
  • All Odyssey pivotal seats (including Aitkens)
  • Odyssey Aitken 2.25" Plyte (black or red wall)*
  • Hazard Light rims (in black and chrome)
  • Flatware zero offset forks
*still under £25 rrp

Monday, 6 June 2011

Joe Rich bike check

Joe Rich posted up this bike check. Not too disimilar from Fraser Peek's the other day......... except Joe runs a ton of Fly Bikes parts and a few from Odyssey.

Petersfield Jam

Benny Boy was going for gold in the bunny hop contest but that lad in the blue sweatshirt behind him stealthed in and took the crown. Dan Beauchamp won best trick for 360ing into the deep end of the bowl with broken arm.

South Coast legend Thee Isaac Clarke managed to remain fairly restrained. These downwhips were pretty cool though.

Ben Mark photos.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Bonus#3 The Catty Woods Trail Scout

Obviously (being a homage to some of PA's favourite trails) this bike is built for roasting around in the woods. The specs include a Odyssey Top Load stem, Aitken Knobby tyres, 27t gearing, Aitken seat, and an Odyssey Monolever. More details to follow.


We have a last minute substitution on the Watermelon Aaron Ross Sunday Pro bikes. Leaping off the bench in style of Berbatov, Owen, Solskjaer or (for the even more senior reader) flame haired eighties legend David Fairclough we have Fosters in Rotherham.

If you are looking for one of the one of the bonus bikes contact Fosters (Watermelon only), Sibot, Brighton BMX Co, Crucial BMX, Grind BMX, Evans, BMX Box, or Winstanleys.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sunday Bonus

Boom. The Aaron Ross signature Funday Pro in Waltermelon is about to drop. It's based around (and in some ways more dialled than) Aaron's personal bike. The details are nuts....watermelon PC pedals with pink end caps. Check here for all the details.

Fraser Peek's Antipodean Bike

Fraser is currently in Australia checking out what's on offer down under. He's off to Salt Lake City in a few days and then New Zealand. Alright for some. Fraser's no nonsense bike is a Barcode with mainly all Odyssey parts; Aitken seat, Burlington, Twombolts, Trailmix, Bluebird, SLS cable, Race forks, Lumerjacks etc etc.

Texas Toast x Aitken

I guess some people underestimated the determination of Mike Aitken. So good to see.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sunday Bonus Bikes

This is the Alex Maglan Signature Maximum Destruction Ex complete from Sunday. It's ready to rip right out the box, check the specs. It features a bunch of parts in exclusive colour ways and bunch of cool little details. This is the first in a series of three and is only available at the following Sunday dealers;

Brighton BMX Co, Crucial BMX (Bristol), BMX Box (Sunderland), Grind BMX (Swanley), Evans Cycles, Sibot BMX (Horley), and Winstanleys

We'll have more on the additional two bonus bikes next week. Treats in store!!